Apple is rejecting Electron apps from the Mac App Store

Apple is rejecting Electron apps from the Mac App Store because of private API calls

This all leaves developers in a bit of a pickle.

in short

Some developers are reporting (via 9to5Mac) that their Electron apps are being rejected when going through Mac App Store review. The crime? They’re calling private APIs.

The problem? It’s Electron doing it, not the apps themselves.

Electron is the framework that allows developers to take web apps and then make them act like a native app on Mac and Windows. The problem appears to be that Electron is making the API calls and as anyone who knows the App Store will be aware, that’s a big no-no for Apple.

This all leaves individual developers with an issue. Because the problem is with Electron itself they’re left waiting for its developers to fix the issue. And that might not happen quickly.

Something that already happened and is still happening with Adobe AIR apps if you’re using specific API, eg. you have to remove some files for the AIR app to be accepted.

So yeah, the people working on Electron will probably fix that next releases, not a big deal.

This type of problem will always exists with Apple, not really Electron or Adobe AIR fault.