Are You Some Kind of Fanatics if You're Still Using ActionScript 3


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Yep, let’s answer that :slight_smile:

So what is a fanatic ?

from wiktionary
you’ll get this definition

A person who is zealously enthusiastic for some cause, especially in religion.

and some quotes, notably

A zealot can’t change his mind. A fanatic can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
– Winston Churchill

Yeah, sure this religious behaviour about programming languages is a classic,
let’s say “you love PHP, you hate Python”, then off course Python folks could call you a fanatic

there is nothing new here and it is called “programming language flamewar”
here few posts that goes more in the details

It is always about what is the better language, who is a “real” programmer, who got the “bigger balls” …

XKCD - Real Programmers

Seriously, people will fight you for your “use of semicolons” to “the use of tabs vs spaces” to ad infinitum and ad nauseam, about anything :smile:.

That said, when you like to use ActionScript 3, it does not make you by default a fanatic.
No, at the contrary, it shows more the fanaticism in other people as they probably think
that ActionScript is either dead or obsolete or that another programming language is better.

The thing is those people, who do think their programming language is better, are simply full of shit.

Simply saying “I like it” about ActionScript is good enough, you do not need to give more justification than that, you do not need to compare to other programming language, or compare performance, or whatever else.

Some people will use ActionScript because of many different reasons, maybe they already know it, maybe they find it good enough to do what they need to do, maybe it is because it is just easy to use it then publish with Adobe AIR, etc.

Or simply because you don’t believe in magic anymore.


Yep, you read that right.

Ultimately every programming language sucks, and every framework sucks, whatever it is, as long as it works for you it is good enough, even if it sucks.

Please do read the following in full
Make the Magic go away

man I could quote the whole thing but let’s just focus on that

It’s the same with frameworks. If you’ve ever written a web server – no matter how simple that web server might be – if you’ve written the code that listens at a socket, unpacks an HTTP Request packet, generates HTML and packs it into an HTTP response packet, and then writes that response back out the socket; then the magic is gone. You know how to write a web server. And that puts a whole new perspective on any web framework you might be tempted to use.

so very true, and let’s end with that

Now you can judge whether the cost of all that code is worth the benefit. Perhaps there’s a simpler framework that will do just as well. Perhaps you don’t need any framework at all. Perhaps – perhaps – you should just write the little bit of code that you need, instead of importing thousands and thousands of lines into your project. Lines that you didn’t write. Lines that you don’t control. Lines that you probably shouldn’t be putting a whole lot of trust in.

My Advice.
Never buy magic! Before you commit to a framework, make sure you could write it. Do this by actually writing something simple that does the basics that you need. Make sure the magic all goes away. And then look at the framework again. Is it worth it? Can you live without it?

This is the best advice any programmer could ever get.

The advice above does apply also to programming languages.

When someone tell you you’re a fanatic because you use a particular programming language,
he basically try to sell you some “magic” language, wether it is JavaScript or ES6 or Haxe or whatever.

Something like Royale is indeed interesting
as it can let people genuinely ask questions and re-evaluate things

  • Why someone should use TypeScript to generate JavaScript for the browser if Royale allow you to use ActionScript 3 for that ?

  • What would be the benefit to port all your ActionScript 3 sources to something like Haxe to then later generate JavaScript ?

  • If you can already generate JavaScript from ActionScript 3, maybe the only piece of the puzzle missing is building a Flash API library that will work in the browser, like StageXL for Dart did long time ago.

  • maybe, just maybe, it is easier/faster/better to keep using ActionScript 3 and build desktop app with Adobe AIR instead of using Electron, and maybe it is the same for the command-line tools, why use Node.js or Haxe / nekoVM when you can simply and easily write your tool in ActionScipt 3 with Redtamarin.

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