AS3 question: getting mouse position over desktop (not the NativeWindow, or the stage)

Is there a native (non-ANE) solution for getting the mouse coordinates over the desktop, not the NativeWindow (AIR app), or the stage even, but the actual position of the mouse anywhere else one the screen when it’s NOT in the AIR window.

I looked at ScreenMouseEvent’s screenX and screenY but the usage of it is not completely clear to me and it sounds like it’s only for getting the coordinates if you interact with the system tray. Is that the case?
Is there anything that might not be known so well and I’m missing in my google searching?
I’ve googled a lot and the most I could find was DesktopMouse ( and this both seem very old.

Is it safe to assume that you cannot do this without an ANE?

(thank you for any help or pointers)