as3lang community report 000

Hi, has been up for 1 week
it’s short but we still can make a little report
and talk about statistics and stuff


First google analytics

so numbers are small off course it’s been only 1 week and well I did not promote it that well

but few interesting points

  • the bounce rate is quite low at 2.73%
    which means people do not just come and leave right away without reading a little
  • people stay on average about 3 minutes reading
    and/or read at least 4 pages (per session)
  • people come back at least bout 50% of them

now about discourse stats

If you see only zero for today it is because I do that in the first minutes of the day so not stats yet

we grew up to about 100 users in a week, not bad :slight_smile:

we’re good on emails, so far we can send max 500 per day, but we are bellow so all good for now (I’m working on changing that to increase the limits per day)

hundreds of likes and no flags, that means people like the content and we have no spam so far

but all these are about registered users, let’s see things a bit wider

so for about 10000 requests 30% come from registered users and we have a massive 70% of anonymous people (and those are not web crawlers but actual visitors)

I’m not sure what to say about that, maybe some people are shy or just curious and did not feel the need to register

only thing we can extrapolate from the data is that if 100 users were active
at least 200 other were anonymous and just read without interacting

now about how we reach over the world

bit of warning, my sessions probably skew the results and that’s why you see a lot of activity from France

but it’s good to know that this forum is not only Europeans nor only Americans, it’s a bit everywhere: Russia, India, China, Australia etc.

hello everyone
bonjour tout le monde

Community Projects

What have been done, what’s the plan next


as3lang created a fork

and welcomed 2 new members to the team

hello and welcome to @ricovitch (github) and drunkcat.

No code commit yet, but hey the project is new give us time.


Mainly a Github wiki about ActionScript 3.0 the language

with the first 9 chapters of the ActionScript 3 Language Specification published.

The goal with this project is to finish the whole spec, then copy it, and make it our own community edited spec where people can contribute comments, code examples etc.

Long time ago I started the github project

with the goal to build a community web site about AS3 with AS3

  • for the people
  • for the community
  • for the language

The general idea was to have a lang (dot) org web site to present the ActionScript 3 language, like many other web sites are doing with their respective programming language.

But at the time, probably biased by Redtamarin, I mainly focused on producing a serie of releases to show developers how they could use Redtamarin or AS3 server-side to build a web site, and it kind of ended as a bunch tutorials instead of an actual web site.

I need to refocus and simply produce a web site (still made with AS3) instead of producing tutorials.

That’s about it, but comments and ideas welcome on what we as a community should have on such web site.

Basically a package manager for ActionScript 3.0

This project will happen on 2 fronts

will contain the AS3 REST API source code
that we will host on the very same server where we host this forum

will contain the AS3 source code for the command-line tool

I’m working on it in my corner, nothing yet to use, be patient.

Other things

I identified a couple of pain points in the community to use specific type of services, and while not open source I will probably dabble in offering limited trials for such services.

For example:

  • web media content
  • conversion tools
  • real-time chat

Simply put, I need those so I build those for myself, I may give access to some of those for people interested to test them, but sadly I can not, as a small entity, provide all my work for free in the open, I hope that clarify things.

Voila, thanks for reading this far
this was report 000 for 1 week of activity
next reports will be posted at the very end of each month

zwetan over and out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perfect! Such a simple chat service would be a good start for building realtime, socket based game :wink: We are in touch :wink: