as3lang, what's in a name


I’m basically a developer at my core but here a little tidbit about guerrilla marketing and why that name as3lang was picked up and no others.

When I talk to other developers still interested in actionscript, flash, air, etc., one of the most frustrating thing we share in common is

Adobe does not promote Flash as they did before

but at the same time

Adobe see Flash as their brand

So, a bit of history if you allow me, remember when deconcept launched a JS library to detect if Flash was installed?

originally the name was FlashObject

there you learn

Apparently Adobe is really clamping down on the people using the word “Flash” in their projects, even if they are open source. I’m not sure how this will affect other projects, or Flash communities (My guess is that communities like OSFlash and Flashcoders will be fine, but anything that distributes a product with the name “Flash” will need to change – but this is just a guess).

So yeah they were forced change the name FlashObject to SWFObject.

moral of the story: using the word “Flash” can be dangerous because it is an Adobe trademark.

Nowadays I would say it is less of a problem as “Flash” is kind of a taboo word that nobody want to be associated with, you could even argue that even Adobe does not want to be associated wit it anymore, but they still own the trademark.

The thing is … it is the same with the word “ActionScript”
If you go read different Adobe documents related to ActionScript 3.0
you will see that at one moment or another

ActionScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems

if you decide to name a community or etc. they can technically come after you.

But that was not without counting on the fact that developers are lazy (and probably evil too).

The hell we will pronounce the whole thing “ActionScript 3.0”, most of the time we just say “AS3”, and that my friends is not a trademark and in fact is too short to be trademarked “as is”.

hence why the name: as3lang

But that’s just half of the story, why the “lang” then ?

Well… that’s the whole story behind it all

as3lang is not just here to talk about ActionScript 3, Flash, AIR and other things related, we are here to do what Adobe is not doing: the marketing.

And because “no money” well it gonna have to be guerrilla marketing.

Look at all the programming languages around

What do they have in common?
yep a lang (dot) org

Big languages like Java or C# who already have decades of promotions and have a big vendor behind them do not really need promotion, but every single “small” language have a something-lang (dot) org to promote it.

So, that’s what you got in a name

  • as3, no actionscript trademark and short
  • as3 an not as1 or as2 or as4, because as3 is unlikely to change
  • to promote a programmign language
and yep we need to work on this www to display something nicer

#2 existed since forever, and they died long before flash without adobe ever coming


they never came after flashkit either


yeah but those are website, not really products

when it come to things like that can be seen as product I really don’t want to deal with that kind of BS