Behavioral expert needed

Dude you seriously need to consult a behavioral expert or a psychologist. I really am getting fedup of the way you answer questions on this forum. If you don’t change your level of communication skill I will leave this place and open another platform runned by people from the community. I think that all other people should consider this because you need to grow up.

Stop being a jerk

Be kind not KLINGON

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See reference post : From Flash to the Moon and back

Yeah you should start implementing this by the way you answer to people in this forum. Be positive and do not talk shit to people who ask simple question concerning other subjects than AS3. Be positive and compassionate about their level of understanding and stop doing your “Eier Tanz” in front of people and impose on them the way you want things to be.

If you don’t understand the expression “Eier Tanz” I would help you it is in german and it is used to describe someone who always puts his testicles on the table to show how great he is by letting other people feel like shit.

Keep calm and be positive and don’t take yourself too seriously.

I’m afraid I already used all my talk quota with you when we talked about
Hook CppMicroService into Redtamarin

last July you said

and I’m still waiting … (not really)

so you seem upset with me, …

as I said before this is a forum to talk about ActionScript 3.0 and related subjects and/or “How to build software with ActionScript”

there is no advertising, no spam, no bullshit
and I do try to keep all subjects on point

if you don’t like it here, for whatever reason, nobody force you to stay here
if my answers/posts etc. trouble you, don’t highjack any other threads but create your own thread

side note: this forum is not a therapy group for angry people

This thread is about your behavior concerning how you treat other people.

Concerning Hook CppMicroService into Redtamarin I have a working prototype as an ANE and it works pretty well for the basic of launching the runtime. As I am working on founding my own company I have only enough time to work on my product. The ANE is working really well and I didn’t interface yet the AS3 with C++ dynamic bundles. It will come and in the however I am working with other people to connect the right people and project to come up with WASM2SWC. We are not like you thinking we can do or say what ever “shit” we want cause we own a forum about AS3. We are more collaborative and respectful towards each other, maybe you should learn to grow up and develop other skills than coding like emotional intelligence, compassion & non-psychopathic behavior but more interpersonal competencies.

I’m telling you this will back fire at you soon.

nope, this thread is about what you think of my behaviour concerning how you think I treat other people

but then you thought it was justified to tell me how I should spend my time with Redtamarin

you are saying that

that’s still you saying stuff
basically making judgement call as maybe a “behavioral expert” about me

you don’t know me at all

this forum is not about ego or people, it is about content
and I will continue to push the content to be about and around ActionScript

if anyone post stupid shit not about ActionScript I will call it whether you like it or not
I’m not here to please people (or please you in particular), I’m here to curate the content

considering the content you bring to this forum, did you post something recently about ActionScript?


but instead you hijacked discussion threads to call out on what you think is wrong
and as such you’ve been off topic

if you keep making personal attacks about anyone
you will be kicked out, simple as that, that’s the forum rules

being social is discussing about the subjects (related to ActionScript) and being ON TOPIC

being antisocial is arguing not about the subjects and so being OFF TOPIC

you might not like how I said thing, and I don’t give a shit as you being offended is your problem
but in all my posts/comments/interventions I am perfectly ON TOPIC

if we find ourselves in this isolated thread it is because you went OFF TOPIC twice
you did not comment about the subjects “LuaStudio, Lua” or “VVVVVV”
but instead you made it personal and about my character and/or behaviour

Grow up dude and stop being a jerk.

For your growth try to apply this article like you were working with yourself.
Just imagine that you are that other dude and you try to get along with him(yourself).
People like you mostly are having difficulties to get along with themselves that’s why
they don’t give a damn about other people, their feeling or what consequences on others it would have because of their inability to be socially competent.

Don’t be a Trump be a Bernie Sanders.