Binary SoundData upload problem

Oh, please save me.
First of all, please understand that my native language is not English.

var bin: ByteArry = (sound data recorded through the microphone)

I want to send this bin to the server via UrlRequest.
How can I get this from the server and save it as a .mp3 file?

The server is .NET.
I don’t know if I was wrong or the server was wrong.
Do you have a sample?

you would need to send a POST request with your binary file

see for example
AS3 upload a file to the server without using FileReference.browse()

I don’t have a sample at hand, you would need to refer to how .NET web server manage file upload
for ex: How to upload a file to a Web server in ASP.NET by using Visual C# .NET

Thanks for the answer.
I’m sending it POST method via URLRequest.
In, binary data is entered.

By the way, I received this from the .NET server and saved it as a .mp3 file.

What file format is the sound binary data recorded from the AS3’s microphone?
.wav? .mp3?

How to extract ByteArray from microphone recorded sound and create mp3 file with it

i’'m solved.

#step1 - Shine-mp3-encoder.

#step2 - File upload.