Burrrn is not working anymore


I tried to download this video and it doesn’t work why?

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the problem is due to

ERROR: The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

burrrn.com int itself is just a prototype, it does not have a system yet
which allow to rotate the origin IP address that would make such protected video works

a future update will fix that, it’s not there yet


Thank you for your clarification. I would like to know how do you parse the video link? I’m using this library but unfortunately it gives only the videos up until 720p. The video links with higher resolution are not found.

Did you create your own library or are you using the same? If yes would you like to make it available on github?

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I simply use youtube-dl on the command line server side :smiley:


Thank you! It’s good to know how come that it is working better than the AS3 swc.


it is a great tool but most people have hard time installing it on their system to use it on the command-line, so Burrrn as a protoype was just that a UI shell on top of it to make it easier to use