Capture function keys or hotkeys when out of focus

I would like to develop a desktop app in AIR that responds to certain commands / keys while minimized. I believe that AIR apps cannot monitor Windows input when not in focus. What is the recommended way to capture hotkeys and pass them to an AIR app? Is there any likelihood that AIR for desktops might be released from this restriction as things change?

Loging the keyboard while the application is not in focus is a security concern. You can find a native process that can talk to air or a ANE. You could also have a transparent full screen that is “always on top”. In windows icons on task-bar can have a keyboard shortcut assigned to them.

This ANE contains methods for registering hotkeys in Windows

Thank you - I will check out this ANE! I am asking a separate but perhaps related question about capturing the screen or specific portions of it in AIR as well - linked below.