Curiosity: 1 million lines of code with Flex


I was testing the newly released IntelliJ 2018 to consider if I was updating my old one and I was also testing the “Statistics” plugin that counts the number of lines of code and coincidentally, I have surpassed 1 million lines of code in my project!
Flex working with an heavy project and my mac sighing at every build: P


Intellij IDEA itself is resource hungry , while it gives much much fantastic functionality
Some of my friends did such tweaks even they run on high end laptops with 16+ of RAM


Indeed it is.
My MacBook have “only” 8 GB RAM and I feel that it’s not enough.
I’m waiting for the 2018 MacBook release to upgrade and would be wonderful if Apple releases the 32 GB RAM version.


Well, will be much more wonderful if Apple acquired Flash Platform
Jajajajajaja :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


That seems the most impossible acquisition in the world.


Easy way to count line numbers is to do a search in your project of line endings.

In other words search for reg expression, “\n” and the number of occurrences is the number of lines in your project. Yes it counts empty lines. Who knows the rules for that? No one. So go with it.


Simple but good idea !
Would be wonderful if one can do the same without empty lines.
There are always empty lines.


there are command-line tools which does that

for example



I use Sublime Text and it already counts line numbers. Also, there’s a AS3 syntax highlighter if needed.

E/: Well, doing line counting with a entire project in Sublime Text just requires doing Ctrl+Shift+F and hit a line break in the find parameter.