Decompiling SWF and exploiting SWF from others

Here a small and short message

this forum will not encourage nor help the exploitation of other people work, eg. SWF files

First, the excuse of “oh but it is my SWF (or a SWF from a friend) but I lost the source code” is getting old, and it is almost insulting that anyone think they would get away with it.

Second, yeah Flash is soon to be dead, but that does not mean anyone can make a land grab on those SWF content and repurpose them at will, it is out of question that this forum help people do that.


This forum is about building software with ActionScript 3
we will help you build apps with Flash, AIR, Redtamarin, etc.

But that does not mean you can steal other people work.

In fact, many developers who built SWF files for the web in the past might want
to migrate them to AIR to publish apps on desktop and/or mobile.

It would be simply unfair to them to cut the grass under their feet by helping others exploit their SWF.

Also if you’re here in the spirit of building software you should respect software from others,
cracking / decompiling / exploiting / etc. someone else software is not only disrespectful for other people work but this is also shooting yourself in the foot.

As admin of this forum if I got a wiff of someone trying to exploit someone else SWF
I will directly close down the subject.

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I think you got it wrong. I know you have made this post because of my post. But the picture that I attached in the post was from Google, and this is not the real game, but only a illustrative picture. And you have accused me of stealing other files, and this is not true. The project is actually with me in full flash format, and I can send it to you in a special message to be sure, but I have limited ability in programming. Just no other. I am not breaking laws and those who allow this will not take anyone’s files. I hope you delete my account completely from here because you insulted me. Thank you for your beautiful response

not only your post

no, I closed the topic

I did not insult anyone, you feel insulted that is different
you are free to manage your account yourself

@abdallah It’s not personal. The message is for all future readers. Many in the past have asked just like you did and they always turned out to be trying to edit someone else’s work. In fact, his intuition was right because, you later admitted yourself that it’s made by somebody else (eg: your friend).

My advice:

  1. For any such basic or beginner questions, better to ask at

  2. Show code!!. This is important. Showing what you’ve tried will helps others to see your goal and can help you fix errors more quickly.

  3. Provide as much useful info as you think. Saying "I don’t understand the code " doesn’t tell us which part you don’t understand. Nobody knows your variables or your instance names. Nobody knows about the existing keyboard functions in your FLA. Show a sample of your FLA code (like any one key-press code) and ask how to achieve same with mouse click (or finger tap if on mobile).