Default Browser pops up when captive runtime launches

I have been working with Flex for years, I am converting some apps to Flex/AIR.

On some windows computers I deploy the AIR apps to, the default browser pops up every time the AIR exe is executed.

The version of AdobeAIR.dll deployed appears to be

What other information is needed to troubleshoot this?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is there a way to stop it from happening?

this is the equivalent of Flash 10.1, that is very old

provide the versions of everything
describe how you build, how you test, etc.

see Announcement: If you ask for help about code

first thing would be to upgrade AIR 3.1 to at least AIR 32

Currently using FlashBuilder 4.6, which I have installed Flex SDK 4.16 into. I really want to continue using FB 4.6 as I have found no other tool which provides the GUI capability of FB 4.6.

I am doing an “Export Release Build” “Signed application with captive runtime” to create the executable. However the problem also occurs when I “debug” from the FB 4.6 IDE as well.

How does one go about upgrading the AIR version in FB 4.6? I haven’t researched this yet, so if it is obvious I should find it when I search.

I have resolved the problem.

The cause was there was mxml code left over to set the browser focus into the main module. It looked like;

        function setBrowserFocus()

This evidently caused AIR to instantiate a new instance of the default browser.

I removed the code as it is no longer needed.

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