Device not found - on latest SDK

Mac Os 10.14.6 Mojave

It was mentioned the new SDK had fixed a connectivity problem with devices and debugging.

But I’m unable to connect my iPad with the new SDK. I am able to see the iPad when using (i use this old SDK because it is the only one that can work with netStream video).

No connectivity with any Android device on any version sdk.

Does anyone else see this problem - is there a workaround?

I’m trying to use the MyFlashLabs’s Firebase ANE and I’m unable to debug.

Yes look into #287 Cannot see device in Flash Builder when using 33.1

@ajwfrost posted some interim versions of adt.jar and other tools that could fix the problem

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the new adt.jar is not solving the problem - but hopefully it will be on the front burner for the next release.