Distribution certificate for IOS App any expert?

I find it easy to publish my apps for Android, but now I´m trying to publish them for IOS, but when I do have to create my distribution certificate I don´t know how to get through it. Anibody knows how this step is done? any advice? any link? any expert on IOS apps out there?

Google is your friend.
I found this in 30seconds.

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This has quite a high learning curve in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it it becomes quite easy.

The link above is for Mac. I also use mac but you would need to search for the instructions for PC if you have one.

In a nutshell you will need to create 2 files for testing on your iPhone / iPad:

.p12 Distribution Cert

an ADHoc profile (which includes your Device ID - UDID code)

I personally use an AD HOC profile instead of a development profile. Then I just switch my Adhoc profile with a distribution profile when I publish to the Appstore.

To be honest it needs a guide to understand the whole process!

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I´m renting MAC online to make it easier…


Thanks a lot…I didnt find it so clear anywhere, seem my google doesn´t work that well… :slight_smile: