Does air work on Ipad?

Hi guys!

Just to make it clear, currently air does not support Ipad, does it? Did I mess something up?
Harman is a bit coy about it in their faq section, but it’s kinda implied that it doesn’t. Appstore bluntly tells me that my binary doesn’t support Ipad. I’m hoping to release an app in the near future, so I would like to know for sure.

It must be possible. I’ve released a lot of iPad games。

Were any of them released recently?
And if yes, do you have any idea what might cause the “Your binary doesn’t support iPad.” message in appstore?

Just a few days ago。


That’s a part of your application.xml file, right?
Yeah, I suppose the issue, as usual, is somewhere in the description file. I can’t quite make out what all of the lines in your .xml mean, but I will look into it. Thanks!

this is probably because of how you setup the launch images


I’ve been publishing to the Appstore and my iPad (6th Gen) very recently with Air 32 with no problem.

However… this week I stupidly updated my iPad to iOS 13.1.3.

Now my iPad can’t be properly ‘connected’ to my Mac (I can’t deploy to my iPad) unless I update my Mac to MacOS Catalina.

Does anyone have any problems with Catalina (e.g with publishing Flash Animate + Air on iPad or iPhone or anything else…?


Thank you guys, the problem was that I forgot to properly set up “UIDeviceFamily” in the .xml. Feel kinda stupid. Funny enough the game did work fine on ipad even without any changes. Now I only have to figure out why it lags on iphone 11.
@zwetan Thank you for your suggestion, but (I say that in case anybody else encounters similar problems) wrong icons usually cause errors when you try to upload an app, not after you have uploaded it. And applications should work even without appropriate launch images. But they’ll have weird resolution and black frames on devices you don’t have launch images for.