Does Flash Builder has 64-bit macOS version?

Does Flash Builder has 64-bit macOS version?

Hello! Does anybody have any modern documentation or tutorials as to begin Flash builder development?

Couldn’t find another way to download FB 4.7

so the general case is about this

  • any 32-bit apps that was working before Catalina HAVE TO be upgraded to 64-bit
  • Catalina does not run 32-bit apps, period
  • if an older app can not be updated to 64-bit, then the only way to run that app is to use macOS pre-Catalina, in a VM for example

for Flash Builder specifically

  • Adobe very unlikely gonna update it to support 64-bit
  • underneath it is Eclipse, Eclipse is based on Java SE 6 runtime
  • Apple’s Legacy Java 6 (eg. Java for macOS 2017-001) is 32-bit only
    and so can not run under Catalina
  • now with a more recent Eclipse will run as 64-bit and so under macOS Catalina
    • there is maybe a way to merge FB jars and other deps into a a newer Eclipse
    • but even if it works it will be super hackish and highly unsupported
    • not a long run solution

so “as is” the 2 solutions are

  1. do not upgrade to macOS Catalina, use a previous macOS
  2. upgrade to macOS Catalina, but then run FB from an older macOS VM

As general tips, when you backup a project, do not only backup the sources
but also the software you use to build/test/run the project, and even the OS,
ideally if you put all that into a VM then just backup that VM (also why I’m a big fan of VMs).

Yes, perfect.

And so maybe this could be the most recent book:
Developing Android Applications with Flex 4.5
From: May 2011.

Or maybe (finding) some Starling tutorials e.g. with Fb could be newer

The question is that something easy becomes difficult. I’m starting to make my own cheatsheet for components. I remember it was easy to export an .swc from Flash but now my examples aren’t building right… Maybe it wasn’t so easy

Thank you.

Well I mean that I’m retaking things. I know that I can manage with Animate. Maybe sometimes Cordova is more than enough. Etc. But then you are starting CLI and yes, I want to learn more…

anything that is not maintained rot eventually
you can apply that to URL, programs, mobile apps, etc.

ideally for ActionScript 3 we would want a language server

that way whether you use VSCode, Atom, Sublime Text, Eclipse, etc. you just connect the language server you need to do the AS3 syntax completion.

You can find as3mxml / BowlerHatLLC/vscode-as3mxml

This project is divided into several modules.

  1. language-server provides ActionScript and MXML code intelligence for Visual Studio Code and other editors (like Moonshine IDE) that support the Language Server Protocol. Code intelligence is powered by the ActionScript compiler from Apache Royale, but it supports a variety of ActionScript SDKs. This module is written in Java.

that’s one way to do it (in Java, reusing the Flex SDK / Apache Royale SDK etc.)
but as you can see in Implementations of Language Servers , for PHP for ex, it doesn’t have to be only one implementation.

Personally, I take the approach that anything that was written in Java can be rewritten/ported to AS3 :wink: