Don't get fooled! MXMLC just doesn't inline function definitions [properly]

Huh, I finely build my DS terminal with -inline/-compiler.inline and get lots of bytecode segment faults. No such default parameters or complexity is included in my inlineable functions. If you wanna better see my project, goto GitHub (it’s not building anymore cuz I’m re-working at some bases, but you get a bunch of segment faults in bytecode). nothing more.

Just to complement, I heard everywhere MXMLC -inlineing is unstable and unimplemented (in my earlier post you can see it), including in Starling forums. My earlier post is right: don’t get fooled by @zwetan and delete AIR from your minds.

AIR is shit. AS3 is shit.

Also, someone posted a bug about that in 08/16/2015 and Adobe didn’t care for it. Adobe is very shitty, too.

Again, also see the post I mentioned earlier. Any plans to improve AS3 performance? ActionScript Inline feature was never completed. As a result, the major ActionScript frameworks such as Starling, Away3D are not taking advantage of the Inline feature.

Whether it exists for long time and made fun or not, it’s a shit and let’s get away from it. No inlining already means MXMLC + ASC is a shit.

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