End Of the Year Maintenance and Stuff


End of 2016 is coming, so here few stuff about as3lang etc.

I posted more details for Redtamarin here
Redtamarin End Of the Year Maintenance and Stuff

Been quite busy so slow news and even sometimes no news, but all that does not mean bad news :wink:

So as3lang and other stuff are basically sponsored and hosted by my own little independent label “Corsaair”, in fact this very same forum is one server among a galaxy of servers and so I’ll kept investing in all that and even a bit more.

I do believe in ActionScript 3.0 as a programming language to be used in many things, not only your Flash and/or AIR regular projects but also server-side projects, so the goal for 2017 is to have everything (if possible) running with AS3.

I also do believe in small teams, solo and other indie dev, who want to do more without necessary investing in too big things and so not only basic HTML web site made with AS3 will be coming but also services and in particular REST API build with AS3 that you can consume wherever, however and whenever you want.

That’s why I mentioned Redtamarin first, as all of this would not be possible without it.

So, what kind of services?
the really basic like “oh I need a 3 pages web site to promote my mobile AIR app”, or “I need a REST API to exchange JSON data stored on a remote server”, “I want to play mp4 video in my apps but I don’t have a server to host them”, “I would like the same things as the github issues but hosted on my server” etc.

Those services will come in 2 flavours: hosted (some free, some not), and self-hosting.

Hosted services will be your regular github-like thing where once you have registered as a user you get to a dashboard / admin panel and configure your service and then use it in your apps.

Self-hosting services will be the same as the hosted service but that you can install on your own server, something you can own and control without relying on any 3rd party and so stay independent if you want to.

Those services will be small and we’ll see from there, most if not all will be free unless server costs etc. force me to “sell” them, think “chat server free for 50 concurrent connected users, and n$ per N more users per month” (because server costs, bandwidth, maintenance etc.).

It will be all ActionScript 3.0 and mainly Redtamarin (with maybe 3rd party other tools like phantomjs for example) and mainly here to promote all those marvellous things you can do server-side with Redtamarin.

I learned my lesson from www.as3lang.org, building it bit by bit while showing tutorials of how it’s done in details take too much time, so now it will be more like: pick a small problem, build it all, release it and iterate from there.

In term of scope expect more small thing that big thing (eg. this forum), like a basic blog engine with 1/10th of the wordpress features but build in AS3 so easily customisable if you know AS3, or a basic wiki engine, or a basic REST API that does geoip localisation, API that serve youtube URL to play in Flash/AIR, etc.

That kind of things.

From now to January 2017, most web sites like www.as3lang.org etc. will be in “down for maintenance” mode while I work on the basic web sites parts, migrate to new and bigger servers etc.

The focus of this forum will still be about “building apps with ActionScript 3.0” with just a bit more focus on the server-side parts of things, even if you do mainly desktop/mobile apps you do need stuff running on the server at one moment or another :wink:.

Stay tuned, 2017 might be an interesting year, can not be worst than 2016 :smile:.