Executable Size Error


We are facing a peculiar problem - We have set the minimum os version to 9.0 through the XML file.

Attaching the xml file’s relevant lines

    <string>Access to photo library is required to save images.</string>

This is the error we are getting after apple processes our build

Invalid Executable Size - The size of your app’s executable file ‘/Payload/AppName.app/AppName’ is 63 MB bytes for architecture ‘arm64’, which exceeds the maximum allowed size of 60 MB.

Now its clearly mentioned in this link that ios9 allows upto 400 mb. -https://help.apple.com/app-store-connect/#/dev611e0a21f


My guess is that there is some problem in the way we are writing the minimumos version. Because if the minimum ios version is set to 9, then this error should not happen because the above links says that build upto 400 mb is allowed.

We would really appreciate some help on this as its delaying our uploads.

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well … follow the error message, if it indicates “Invalid Executable Size”
then indeed there is an error on the size

could be a lot of different things, but even if you set “9.0”, something else must set it to a lower version and so you hit the max 60MB limit of that lower version

where do you compile? Windows? macOS? which OS version?

what compiler do you use ? AIR SDK (ASC2)? Flex + AIR SDK (ASC1) ?

what AIR version are you targeting in your app.xml ?

is it a new app or an already submitted app you want to upgrade?

do you use ANE?


hard to say like that (I’m not in front of your screen and I don’t know the particular settings of your project), it could be one or none of the above or a combination of those

also if you want to copy long XML or other source code content it would be preferable to use markdown notation using 3 backticks ` for code blocks

see https://commonmark.org/help/