Extreme Censorship on Adobe Forums

So, it has been a long time but I went back a little on Adobe Forums

and saw this post Adobe Air off too in 2020?

and made a little answer

and few hours later the original post and my answer been completely deleted


wow …

Off course Adobe, or whoever monitoring those forums for Adobe, can delete anythign they want, but I find that quite brutal

for two simple things, I’m pretty sure the question from the original poster was not inappropriate,
and two, my answer was certainly not inappropriate

maybe the original poster deleted his own post?
maybe it’s darker than that … who knows?

so for the sake of curiosity, did anyone have experienced such things?
posts vanishing to oblivion from Adobe Forums

If so, I would suggest everyone to actively archives their visit to this forum
eg. https://web.archive.org/web//https://community.adobe.com/t5/air//

use https://web.archive.org/save


yes for backups

They probably removed your comments because they don’t want to be related with anything about you knowing who you are.

knowing who I am ?
care to explain, because I’m pretty sure you’re talking out of your ass here

anyway, what this would have anything to do with a simple forum comment ?
and why also delete the original post ?

well you are going against their wish to kill Flash and the whole ecosystem and your are working a lot to prove that the technology is not dead at all.

I’m a tiny little ant, not even a blip on a radar

anyway whatever that is, if people were not aware that their Adobe forum posts can vanish, in the spirit of preserving that little bit of knowledge around Flash/AIR/AS3 (that also occurs on forums discussions), I just wanted to say do backups and archives those posts

If you think that a little ant is nothing then let me know when a mosquito lands on your testicles.

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This was the best comment on the Internet today !
And please do not delete my comment :smiley: