First screen on new 33 air Harman apps

Do you like it? could be better? maybe smaller logos? maybe shorter time on screen?

aniways thanks Harman for the real good job.

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I don’t think it looks so bad, and I’m a graphic designer :grin:

I would just like them to reduce the Air Logo to about 80% scale.

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Not being nitpick just interested but is it one logo shown after another or both shown at once? Is there a fade in and out? How long is it displayed?

Thats a screen shot of how it look like. It is displayed for about 1 second.

It looks fine and to be honest the logos, size, length of duration etc is purely at Harman’s discretion.
This is the splash of the free tier which means opinions are irrelevant. You can sign up to the paid tier to remove it.


I don’t like it. I like dark backgrounds that dont hirt my eyes at night also a logo update is due
Initial name of AIR was Appolo logo

Herman logo dose not need to be that big. It can be small. They want AIR apps to become popular and generate revenue. Splash screen is the first thing users see so it has to be nice and minimal.

Here is a idea:


Look at

there are rules to use logo, you can not do whatever you want

What? Someone’s opinion is only relevant if they have money? If it looked like a crayon drawing it might affect Harman’s brand and the app developers brand. Besides Harman asked the opinion of the AIR community. I like it. My point is movie studios and video games usually introduce entities with a certain style and apps usually have their own.

Yes it is irrelevant because when you get something for free you can’t complain

and if you are to the point of worrying how someone else splash screen will affect your brand
then you are in the business of “selling your brand” and so you can pay to not have that

That varies from person to person. I have some software that is free and for me users can complain about it. They can provide feedback. I don’t promise I’ll do anything about it but they can share what they think.

Update: People complaining on free gift is being an ***hole. People giving solicited feedback is giving feedback.

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feedback and bug reports etc. are OK

the problem is when the feedback turn into “I tell you to not use this color in your software because I don’t like it”

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Almost all techs Logos at launch on mobile device are on black background…
This one looks wip.
Anyway the main pb I see here is we do not get who is doing what.

I would see something like " Air ( with the air adobe logo , ) By Harman. and then the logo harman smaller.
Which convey the idea they are holding the support.
Here this is not clear.

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No exe busy till this thing is gone?

so is it [click app] [thingy 1 second] [start exec]
or [click app] [start exec with 1 sec overlay thingy] ?

I think even 50% would be better then this flashmatt! But since it’s still WIP and there are only a couple of new versions I think they can improve this. I saw that they take into consideration the opinion of the users


so is it [click app] [thingy 1 second] [start exec]

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In the hope Adobe and Harman teams reading us :slight_smile:

Small suggestion here



I really liked option 2. However, if the game is horizontal, would be cool option 1 (with adjustments)…

I don’t know if can include actions on this home screen, but it would be nice if there was an orientation and adjustment as per app publication: “StageOrientationEvent” -

Overall, out of the three options, my vote is for: :two:

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Nice design babilux way better the the original. I would prefer :one:. Landscape would require something similar also.

They also have a problem with the bottom android touch buttons. The first logo isn’t properly visible if fullscreen in not activated. And on some devices a 1-5 minute delay until app is reached without displayed the logos, but only a black screen

Ugly as hell and looks super unprofessional… Free or not, this isn’t the face of a product that can compete with Unity.

Really disappointed if they think this is acceptable.