First screen on new 33 air Harman apps

thanks alex.
My vote would be 2 at first also, which could go for portrait
But then the layout of the 1 could go on the landscape apps. things that they could trigger depending on Stage orientation event like said Adriana

In any case they should definitly think about to switch to a black background splash and to reduce the " contains adobe (…) ".
AIR deserve a better splash screen which valorize the branding, and not to harm it.
This screen must say " AIR " is alive and will continue to be for long time :slight_smile:


Fair point, also I don’t see the "TM" text on unity either they can drop that also.

This needs significant improvements. I’m into animated logos lately. I’d suggest they turn this into a little 1 second animation, if possible. The animation might glitch out if the device is working hard to get the app ready. Animations help entertain people and give them confidence the app is working properly.

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Great comment. Yes, I hope they do something with it because right now seem quite inactive.

Yes, babilux’s dark grey design is great.

format 1 for landscape apps, and 2 for portrait. Has someone emailed them this page? I’ll email them the link anyway.

Reply from Andrew at Harman:

Thanks, yes we had seen that, and we have an option action to revisit the splash screen at some point (though it’s not our highest priority). However, we are constrained by the legal requirements around trademarks, so we would need to get explicit approval from Adobe’s legal/marketing teams as well as ours particularly if switching to a monochrome and having white-on-black, etc… plus just dropping the “TM” isn’t always possible, this was a requirement from the Adobe team although from memory, our legal folk thought we should have it but our marketing folk thought we shouldn’t…

Anyway – yes we appreciate the feedback and will try to get a change put in at some point (we’d actually planned to get our UI design team involved – the one that you’re seeing currently is just designed by engineers…)


Much better!


Nice one! I really like it :+1: