Flash Builder 4.7 Installer Download

Does anyone have access to or know where I can download backups of the Windows/Mac installers for Flash Builder 4.7? I’ve been on the Adobe website all morning, and just finished speaking with one of their reps over the phone. They’re insisting that they no longer support it, nor provide the downloads (even though the product page is still up, and I can still use the copy I have already installed).

I still use 4.7 as my regular IDE. The last time I installed it was via the Creative Cloud app (which no longer hosts the installers either) so I never bothered to make back-ups of the original installers.

see where i can download Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 premium trial version

Hidden in the preference for Creative Cloud, there’s an checkbox labeled Show Older Apps . If you enable it, I think that will add Flash Builder to the list of apps that you can install (along with a few other things that Adobe no longer actively maintains).

otherwise search
for FlashBuilder_4_7_LS10.exe or FlashBuilder_4_7_LS10.dmg

Do not post unofficial or warez links here.

Thank you so much, that search helped me track down the direct download links. I can’t confirm whether or not the “Show Older Apps” worked since I have Flash Builder already installed previously from the Creative Cloud desktop app. My primary concern was getting a backup copy of the installers so that I can re-install them when needed in the future.

Would links from “prdl-download.adobe.com” be considered official and ok to share here?

if you want, but Adobe has a tendency to change those direct links if they are advertised too much