Flash News in the Medias


If you use Google search flash,most news is bad.

About Flash Runtime 2016

and ?

bad news is not necessarily bad

but in quickie here my take on it

  • first, the online medias have changed
    they value a lot more traffic and they are not shy for clickbait
    posting bad news about Flash is a sure way to generate traffic
  • online medias are not pure and owner of the truth
    they produce quite a lot of articles that are sponsored (with money)
    Adobe stopped “giving money”, while others keep “giving money”
  • online medias are the first one to misuse and abuse the Flash technology
    with advertising, did they ever seen Flash for something else than advertising?
  • most online medias are extremely bad at reporting about technology,
    simply put they have no clues what they are talking about

Pick a subject you know very well (not tech, not Flash), something like cooking, or a country/culture, etc. now go look at articles posted by the medias about this subject and see how accurate those medias are … you will be disappointed.

I’m not saying there is a conspiracy theory or that the medias lie on purpose, but I can guarantee you that the medias do not care one sec about their subjects (is it true? is it verified? is it biased? is it informative?), as long as it bring a lot of people who click on ads they will publish anything, and that ultimately misinform people (the opposite of what medias should do, eg. inform people).

here few examples

  • the 10 shocking truth about Flash
  • the 1 trick that will make your web pages load faster
  • everything that is wrong with plugins
  • how smart people build web sites
  • web standards are under attack
  • if you are still using Flash you are anti-internet
  • how moving to HTML5/JS saved my business

I can not take those medias seriously.


because of this article, lots of flasher were lost.


oh OK, maybe… so what ?

it’s different than online medias, it is a blog post, it is a personal point of view

you can blindly follow that point of view or you can make your own

look around you, where are all the “flash gurus” now ?
are they still working with ActionScript 3, Flash or AIR ?

no, they are all gone and they all stopped using AS3

does this mean AS3 is bad or dead ?

some people work in technology to have a job, to have a career, when the wind is shifting it seems logical their interest in technology shift too, to do just that: continue a career.

For every single developer that made a point, a blog post, etc. about how they see Flash as dead, or in retirement, or not evolving etc.

since 2010 …

well… today in 2016 Flash is still not dead

those flashers are stupid, if they can not think for themselves, if they can not understand why they use a tech and/or a language and need guidance from someone else, they deserve to be lost.

they are like babies
“OMG what am I gonna do ??? I don’t know what to do… please tell me what to do ???”

using a tech, using a language is about writing software to do stuff, more or less creative, more or less efficient, etc.

usually you chose what serve you as a developer: can you do more? are you faster? is it easier to solve that kind of problem? etc.

about choosing a language/ platform / tech there is no really right or wrong, it’s about what you do with it

if someone build a great app or game, that is useful, creative, fun, etc.
nobody cares about the tech used, except the developers and geeks

my advice: build stuff with what you are comfortable with, all the rest is noise
(medias, blog posts, wondering if Flash is dead or not, etc.)


That has been the case since 2011(or earlier ?), but truth is that the flash platform is a very cool tech, with pros and cons (no silver bullet), I’m very comfortable with it. :v:


thanks your reply,maybe i’m a short-sighted man.