Flash player end of life

2 years I worked on a Air app that would load SWF from web pages and display the overlaid on any browser window. There are hackers taking advantage of this by redirecting to fake flash player. Is there somebody addressing this issue? There should be a viable open source browser or solution to have access to this SWF content after Flash Player is killed by google.

Sorry dude, but I couldn’t resist to comment.
Google does not killed anything and Flash Player is not a living thing but if you want to go on that way, only Adobe alone killed Flash Player, period. No one else.

Can you give some more info about your AIR project? I have a hobby that has been pretty dead since 2017, but I would be interested in saving those games somehow (and let people continue to play them)… :slight_smile:

My project is here:

I have to search my archive for it and it was buggy. There is actualy a project here that tries to do that:

that’s pretty vague

gives more details and especially technical details

Some options making no guess on feasibility:

  • Petition / protest to Adobe to continue support
  • Petition / protest to Adobe to open source Flash Player at 2020
  • Export your swf project as an AIR application
  • Export your swf project embedded in an HTML page as an AIR application
  • Export your swf project embedded in an HTML page as an Electron application
  • Continue using Flash Player in your browser at the last version released (use precautions)
  • Use new browsers that support Flash Player that will be released in 2020 taking market share away from companies whose browsers don’t support Flash Player.
  • Install or support new runtimes that will load SWF content or convert it. There have been a few in the past and it looks like another is in development here.

Having said all of that, your browser will likely have an option to “Enable Flash Player” with many scary warnings. They’ve done that for years not because it’s safer than JavaScript (although it is) but because it was competition to the profits made from apps in the Apple app store. What Apple should have done, in hind sight, was make it possible to publish Flash apps to the app store. Then they would have had 100k apps and games almost instantly but they saw a problem instead of an opportunity.

According to data in the NVDB the Flash Player has been the same risk and lower than JavaScript and everyone enables JavaScript. But in the future, without updates, you will want to limit the plugin from running on any sites you don’t trust (same as now).

It also may be that Adobe will stop supporting new features but may continue security updates. We don’t know…


It was 5 years ago. The project allowed door handlers to scan QR codes ( with a gun) and print badges fast at events. Solution was a AIR app (installed using AIR Badge ). Problem was that each event wanted different badge design. So we made a html containing a SWF with a that connected to the AIR app using local connection send the graphics data of the badge and print commands. This way users only had to refresh the page to get new designs etc. There was also a mobile version. There were issues with events that did not have flash player installed and complained. I started working on a solution where insted of a swf in the browser there was a web-socket connection to the system tray app giving it the swf link and the AIR app would popup over the browser. Long time ago… when I think about it was overkill.