Full support for Flash Builder workflow


It was already explained on a wiki page
Compile with the Flex SDK

and now the little tidbits of code support inside redtamarin have been added

which means you can work with Redtamarin as if it was a Flash or AIR project
no need to deal with ASC and ABC files if you don’t want to

install/patch a Flex SDK by replacing the playerglobal.swc with redtamarin.swc

and from there
just write your AS3 code in Flash Builder
add SWC libraries etc.
compile (eg. “build project”)

and then run the SWF with one of the redshell runtimes
it will just works :smile:

now the limitations are still the same as before
the Flash/AIR API (or AVMGlue) have not been fully implemented
so don’t expect to be able to reuse all your SWC “as is”

but if you were thinking to use ASC or redbean to compile
your AS3 sources and dealing with ABC libraries was a bit too complex

you can now just reuse SWC libraries without any particular setup
most of the corsaair libraries are already published as ABC and SWC

this is coming for Redtamarin 0.4.2
I will document more in details the different workflow
after the release