Fundamental Command-line Architecture


In the recent announcement of WSL 2
see for more details

Microsoft also showed up a video of the new Windows Terminal

And they also posted a talk about that
so if you want to go deep into the details check out this hour long video

Windows Terminal: Building a better command line experience for developers - BRK3069

Microsoft is building a new Terminal application delivering a modern command line experience on Windows. Tabs? Check. Emoji? :heavy_check_mark:. Fast, smooth, modern UX with Fluent acrylic background? You got it! Come and learn all about the new Terminal app, how we built it, where to get the code, and how to help us build the world-class Terminal app Windows developers deserve.

and during the questions at the end to the question “What is your user base?”
the answer “Everybody use the console” is pretty on point

Now here some personal comments :slight_smile:

Personally I use the command-line a lot, especially for development but also remotely admin servers and stuff, automate little mundane tasks, etc.

I do believe that any dev should use the command-line, not out of zealotry, but simply because it does automate stuff nicely and make you more efficient as a dev.

All this is mainly why I started many years ago to “play” with the Avmplus source code, simply because I thought it would be fun to run AS3 on the command-line, which ended up being one of my biggest and most challenging open source project: Redtamarin.

And so many years ago during one of the latest (now dead) “Flash Online Conference”,
I tried to present it (not finished, and so badly) but to say “hey look the potential”, and sometimes got shitty reply like “it sucks” (really got that reply, middle finger to the asshat who will recognise himself), oh yeah it sucks? because if you expect some shiny graphic vectors or 3D moving on a GUI screen, yeah you’re missing the point with what is a terminal/console … anyway, my point here is because Flash/AIR all those traditional stuff that dev are used to in the ActionScript world were all based out of nice IDE and GUI (even if there were CLI stuff behind to compile stuff) and producing only GUI apps with colors, alpha, moving things etc. let’s just say simply there were no CLI tradition (or appreciation) from AS dev.

Recently on another post somewhere (not gonna name names) I saw someone pointing out “no command-line nonsense”, … dude wake the fuck up.

I mean, sure I get it, if you have an adversion for the CLI, that you would rather click on buttons again and again and maybe wait … think … “did I do that in the right order? should I restart from the beginning? what are the log/pwd for those again?” … OK I get it, CLI is not for you, you prefer manual repetitive work where you click it all with your mouse.

But … please, do consider the CLI, at least try it, learn a bit about it, see how it can improve and speed your workflow, you know… give it a good try even if it is scary at first.

Or look around, why do you think Microsoft is working so hard on this new Windows Terminal?
why so many dev moved to some Apple hardware in the last decade?

It is because one way or another, as a dev, you will have to use a terminal or a console, and type into that command-line, if you also do some server-side development on top of Flash/AIR you also know that there, it is often a Linux server (the classic LAMP), and knowing a bit of CLI can get a long way to solve little pesky problems.

Anyway my advice is don’t ignore the CLI, learn it, learn how to make the most of it;
Microsoft clearly understood that’s what developers want: a good command-line,
that’s why they are building this next generation Windows Terminal, that’s something you got by default for decades under Linux, you got for a long time with the with macOS, and now it is coming lock stock and barrel under Windows.

Simply put, the CLI is unavoidable, and hopefully something like Redtamarin will make it easy to program with the ActionScript you all know and love :vulcan_salute:.


About time Microsoft revamped the terminal :smiley: