Game Development with Adobe AIR

Greetings AS3 Community,

I recently discovered your forum and was inspired by your “for the last 15 years or so…let’s all come together here” message so I decided to join in hopes of connecting with like-minded folks using Adobe AIR to develop games. I searched for an “intro yourself thread” and my apologies, I couldn’t find one, so I thought I’d start here.

My name’s Ross and I’ve been developing with Adobe since 2001 (Flash 5 anyone?) Flash was the catalyst for my entire professional career, starting with my first job developing computer based training, traveling across the country to manage software engineers at EA, and now developing indie games full-time. I was a pioneer of Adobe AIR when it launched on mobile, contributed a number of technical articles about how to optimize the early GPU mode, and had one of the first Apple featured cross-platform multiplayer AIR games on the market.

To this day, I’m still developing with Adobe AIR and have a great deal of passion for it because of the folks like you that have contributed so much to helping others with advice and open source projects. I also think there’s a still a ton of potential in the platform - particularly with Adobe Animate’s unparalleled support of native vector graphics. In my latest project, I’ve been using a combination of open source code (Dragon Bones, DMT, and Starling) to achieve high quality animated models at fractional file sizes (200+ animated characters deliverable to mobile in a package under 10MB) - a unique advantage of Adobe AIR that I haven’t yet found a way to do in another platform.

For these reasons and more, it’s nice to find this place where AS3/AIR developers are welcome. I’d love to learn more about the folks here and what you’re building with AIR/AS3.


Happy to see a fellow game developer here! As for me, I started gamedev in 2010. I have really good memories of the Golden Age (portals, FGL, Mochbot, oh, so many memories)…

From the projects of that time, I’m especially proud of Cards Wars (not Adventure Time Cars Wars, whcih came later, but my turn-based strategy Cards Wars). Now I’m making and updating Steampunk Idle Spinner for mobile.

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Hi Ross and welcome on the forum

there isn’t one, the closest is probably this one
My history behind the AS3 language but not really

yeah that’s the goal it is about ActionScript 3.0 and building apps with it

personally I focus mainly on the CLI for building command-line tools and server-side apps, see #redtamarin , and for AIR nowadays it is mainly desktop apps when time allow it (and well… not too much time left for that)

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Great to meet you, Airapport and zwetan. Airapport - I checked out Cards Wars on Kongregate - nice blend of cards and Risk, I like it. For your new game projects, are you exclusively on mobile or doing any desktop publishing on Steam as well?

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I publish them for PC at Itch for now (at, but want to publish to Steam one day. The main problem is that I have more ideas than the time to polish the current games :slight_smile:

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Welcome Ross. I loved Flash since version 2, and started using it professionally right away in the '90s. Back then, other than websites, we used it to develop our own portable CMS, using Zinc to sync content via FTP. For websites, and visually stunning Cd-Roms, very popular at the time. I still make a living using AS3 for 90% of projects. Developed quite a few games with it, but nothing as an indy developer, only contracting. I was very happy too when I found out I wasn’t the only japanese soldier still fighting on a pacific island :slight_smile: welcome to the club, and the new excitement with Harman takeover.

Nice to meet you @PippoApps Indeed, it’s reassuring to know I’m not alone as well. What kind of games have you developed? Would love to see them. It was nice checking out your profile, btw @Airapport

I’m currently developing Summoners Fate, a turn-based adventure RPG with tactics and CCG elements.

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