Get the latest AIR SDK version

Recently Harman updated their AIR SDK pages

and if before you had to do some parsing to obtain the latest AIR SDK version,
now it is super easy as everything reside in a JSON config file

this page content

is configured by this

to obtain a nice pretty printed JSON

$ curl -s | jq .

you’ll get

  "latestVersion": {
    "id": 21,
    "versionName": "",
    "supVersion": "33.1",
    "latest": true,
    "published": true,
    "downloadable": false,
    "links": {
      "SDK_AS_MAC": "/api/versions/",
      "SDK_AS_WIN": "/api/versions/",
      "SDK_FLEX_WIN": "/api/versions/",
      "SDK_FLEX_MAC": "/api/versions/",
      "RELEASE_NOTES": "/api/versions/"
  "id": 123456

and so to obtain the latest version number

$ curl -s | jq -r .latestVersion.versionName

that would output (without quotes)

If you decide to monitor the latest AIR SDK version by running a script at regular intervals, please be responsible, like once every N hours.