Good Job Chrome on Bullying your Users


Yep, Google Chrome did a really good job :angry:

even with Flash EOL announced, even when you know it is coming
it is a freaking pain in the ass to go into all the settings to enable Flash
eg. here chrome://settings/content/flash

and oh look users are complaining on the google Chrome Help Forum
but yeah let’s not care about the users right?

top complain (1000+ views)

Missing button to enable Adobe Flash Player.

I recently went to a frequently visited site that uses flash player for their video feeds and received an error message that the site couldn’t locate a player. This had happened before and in contacting this sites tech support, I was told Google had recently done an update and most likely my flash player was disabled and was told how to fix it. When it happened this time, I went to settings-advanced-privacy and security-content-flash. There I discovered there wasn’t a “button” to enable or disable flash (or allow sites to run flash), just one for an “ask first.” Any suggestions?

Receive that official answer

Hi there,

Chrome is making it harder to run Flash. In Chrome 62, you either disable Flash completely or have to allow Flash per website.

Here is how to allow Flash per website:

  1. In chrome://settings/content/flash , enable “Ask first”.
  2. Go to the Flash website.
  3. Click “green lock” icon or “i in circle” icon at the left side of address bar.
  4. In the menu, choose “Always allow on this site” for Flash.
  5. Reload.

If the website contains Flash plugins with size < 400px x 300px, they will always be blocked. You need to click “plugin blocked” icon in top right corner and click “run all plugins this time” in every reload.

If my solution does not work, please provide us a sample website URL to test (preferably one that does not require making new account).


Adobe (creator of Flash) has announced to end-of-life Flash by the end of 2020, and this is also the time when all browsers (including Internet Explorer) will remove Flash completely. In the meantime, you can still enjoy Flash.

Please contact the website owner to migrate to HTML5 soon, they have roughly 3 years time to do the migration. Mozilla has prepared Flash to HTML5 migration guide to help website owners in making the migration plan.


Rong Jie

The “Note” at the bottom of the answer is so full of bad faith it is sickening.

Really when I read “you can still enjoy Flash” I really want to punch Google in the face,
and where those assholes think it is the job of the web users to contact website owners to tell them to migrate their content to HTML5 ? grrrr.

And here the ironic part, recently Google announced the new “Appsperiments” program
see here
Appsperiments by Google
Fully functional apps based on Google’s expiremental technology

Those are native apps not web apps, that’s why it is ironic.

In fact, by experience, I find Google being pretty bad at building native apps,
I have already banned Hangouts because I was receiving too much spam
(eg. total strangers sending me link because they could discover me via google+)
and recently when I got pretty pissed off by Allo

I’m not saying that Google is bad technically with native apps,
I’m saying their native apps are here to spam and bully you,
from a user standpoint it is unacceptable.

Yep I’m ranting but they totally deserve it.


Screw browsers I’m moving applications to Air desktop!