Good resource for finding AS3 developers?

I’ve spent several years building a platform for making unique kiosk/educational/entertainment applications with AIR. The work is very successful, and I would like to continue using AIR with Starling/Feathers.

One thing I’m faced with–where to ultimately find help creating and maintaining this universe of apps, where, as well as having a REST server component, is literally becoming a universe.

Should I spend energy training, say, a front-end web developer (Javascript), local in my area, or build up a way to enable a remote developers a way to contribute. I recognize that finding AS3 developers in Europe may now be easier that the United States (where I am–namely Greenville, South Carolina)…

I’ve worked in remote Agile teams before. Management will become an issue, as well. On top of the fact that the target hardware is very unique (but as I develop, I’ve grown to realize how to tailor the hardware to AIR’s needs, which aren’t much).

Anyway, does anyone have thoughts or experience working remotely? Any pitfalls? And, are there currently good places online to hook up with experienced developers in Actionscript and AIR?



many things crossing my heads :wink:

Ideally, if this forum pull enough traction, I would really like to create a kind of network of AS3 developers and probably a job board.

It’s not there yet the case, it’s too soon, it;s even too soon to create “jobs/services” category.

But as a community and between fellow developers, we can talk about things that could work or not work.

First thing is you are not the only one, I could have the same need but in a different context, and I talked to numerous other developers who also have this need to find AS3 developers.

Second thing is about working remotely, I know that some people like it some other hate it, I know numerous companies in France and UK that refuse categorically to use remote workers.

Personally I have worked remotely and it always been a good experience, my take on remote work is the following: businesses have no problem having remote customers using/buying/visiting their apps/games/webs but they can’t understand remote work? com’on it’s the digital era everything is remote.

From a business point of view, if I really need a dev and especially a good dev, I would rather have someone working remotely than lose the business opportunity.

Now, I agree it can also be a risk and in fact that remote work thing is mainly a problem of trust

  • employer: do I trust this remote employee to work while I have no way to ensure it?
  • employee: do I trust this remote employer to pay me once the work is done?

and many many many other details like that, I have been in position of hiring developers, sometimes you don’t hire a good one and it can cause huge problems, but the opposite is also true, a good dev can start a work with what he thinks is a good company and find himself in kind of hell.

So, ideally I would like to create a network of AS3 dev that not only can work with each others but also can vouch for each other.

A bit like: you know dev A and dev B reputation, and both dev A and B vouch for dev C that you don’t know but then you can more easily triust that dev C can actually do the job.

And the counterpart: dev C do the job, but if employer X don’t pay him, then dev A and dev B know about it too.

I don’t know, maybe it could work.

Now about the specifics of remote work on custom hardware, I know that I did that and yes it can work.,
I have build touch screen apps for desktop with AIR, and usually you don’t really need the real hardware to work on it, you may need someone to test on the hardware but really it depends of what the app is doing.

But this also depends on how the app have been designed, for ex:
if you use Windows 7+ native touch vs something like TUIO it’s not the same constraints.

After, if your hardware setup is extremely custom and complex and costly, yeah that could cause a problem, but I would still argue that it is still workable as in general for that kind of cost you work on spec and it;s not too hard to work on a smaller prototype that you know will ratio/resize to something much bigger.

Or maybe the custom hardware is needed but it’s cheap enough to be included in the “contract deal”, like a those new USB media key running Android, if the dev have a 14:3 TV at home to test, he just need the USB key to test.

That usually it was scare the most “they are not on site, they can not use the hardware”, but my in my experience is first the company itself does not have the tools to allow to work remotely like a versioning system for the source code, or just a FTP to transfer the files, 90% of the time they just have no clues and when I work remotely I use my own systems my own SVN/Trac, my own FTP … I feel bad for them, it’s like me solo I have a better organised infrastructure than those companies with 20-40 employees.

My point is, if you want to try to work remotely with dev you need to have at least a private Gihub, or your own server or plan for Svn/Git/Mercurial and an issue tracking system like Trac or JIRA, and probably a wiki, etc.
Just talking over Skype not gonna be enough.

Now, I can also say that recruiting a local dev eager to learn can also be a good solution. I did that too, I took some junior JS devs and teached them to work on the command-line, to build AIR, to debug AIR, to write AS3 code etc. and I did so in less than 3 weeks.

Off course, they could not write a brand new app starting from zero, they did not have the experience, but they could maintain already existing apps that needed bit of changes every few weeks, and from there gain confidence and go work on bigger and bigger things later.

Ultimately finding good dev in general is hard, and I would say still finding good AS3 dev is harder and yep we badly need a place to connect people.

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And thanks for the thoughtful input on the developer question. It may be more prudent to find someone at first to help setup/maintain the server and code repository issues.

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This is a great subject for conversation :smile:

Not sure if this is breaking rules but any chance you would be willing to jump on a call to chat this through?

i just kind of solved this problem for myself but it is way too much to type :sweat_smile:

BTW this forum is awesome!!

To at least add a summary of my random thoughts:

I have been working on a way to track as devs and tag them based on specific skill set but it is a work in progress.

I think you need a really specific type of partner for anything server/infrastructure related. Good != Good Enough sometimes and it is way easier to do it right the first time.

I am really interested in hearing about your platform and that is really why I want to chat :slight_smile:

I can also intro you to my go to infrastructure team who can probably hook you up in a way that is very easy to deal with.

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Thanks for you thoughts. Please PM me with your info, and I will be in touch.