Goodbye Director


on The Adobe Creative Cloud blog (January 27, 2017)

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The Future of Adobe Contribute, Director and Shockwave

As customers embrace the new features and efficiencies offered by Creative Cloud, we will no longer be selling and supporting Adobe Director and Contribute, which was last released in 2012. Sale of Adobe Director and Contribute will stop on February 1, 2017. We will also stop ongoing updates and support for Adobe Shockwave on Mac devices on March 14th after the last release of the product.

We appreciate the trust and support of Adobe Director, Contribute and Shockwave customers through the years, and look forward to providing our customers with the best user experience, technology and support through Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you have any questions, please contact your Adobe partner or reach out to our Customer Support Team.

There is a long history between Flash and Director, in fact I could argue that without Director, Flash would have been much much different and probably less of what it is today.

The concept of “timeline” for animation was already there in Director and some even says they “made it better” when they (ex)ported that concept to Flash.

The SWF files too, before Flash you had Shockwave, an export for the web of director files you could play with the Shockwave Browser Plugin.

I still remember the days where Macromedia presented SWF as “ShockWave Flash”.

In my opinion that’s why Flash became that good, from FutureWave Software to Macromedia to Adobe, Flash and SWF was not their “first try”, it was work dating back from 1996 that got better and better.

Well … so long Director.