Google console doesn't let me update

I cannot update my adobe air app. It was published bedore 1st of August. Do you have the same problem?

Same problem! What is happening? No one is talking about this anywhere!?

A quick update from Andrew - looks like we’ll need to wait just 1-2 days and then we’ll be able to submit the x64 version at once. But Google’s behavior looks strange indeed.

BTW, does your package name start from air.? And did you use AIR since the first release, or migrated to it from another technology? Just, maybe there’s a bug in Google databases.

It is an adobe air app I created and published before the 1st of August. Funny think is that I successfully updated the app after 1st August. But it is a project that I created in rush in order to publish it before the 1st August deadline, so it is buggy and have some performance issues. The idea was to polish the app after publishing it…

I did the same thing, published a app on the 31 July no trying to polish it I could send a update on the 3 August. Still needs more work… hope the accept the next updates

Below is the response from Google:


I understand that you want an extension to your 64-bit requirement.

Please understand that the rollout button is deactivated as you have are not compliant with our new policy on 64-bit requirement.

Also, please note that 64-bit requirement extensions are not automated and you need to make an extension requests.

From August 1, 2021 apps that do not have a 64-bit version available will no longer be served to users with 64-bit compatible devices. Please note, 32-bit devices will still be served 32-bit compatible versions. We are not changing our policies on serving 32-bit releases.

To provide both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, you can either: have support for both in the same APK or app bundle; or you can have a release with multiple APKs where 1 APK supports 32-bit and another supports 64-bit.

Please note that this requirement does not apply to:
APKs or app bundles explicitly targeting Wear OS or Android TV, which are form factors that do not currently support 64-bit code.
APKs or app bundles that are not distributed to devices running Android 9 Pie or later.
To begin updating your apps to meet these new requirements we highly recommend reading through the relevant documents in the Android Developer Center:

Please check our blog for updates on this announcement:

I hope this information helps and as always, thank you for supporting Google Play!

Google Play Developer Support
Did you know we offer chat support in English? You can chat with us Monday through Friday, 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. Greenwich Time (GMT).

Well English is not my native language, but as far as I can understand, here are the two key phrases:

Also, please note that 64-bit requirement extensions are not automated and you need to make an extension requests

So the extension is not automatic, so we must request the extension? Why I did not read about it at any announcement? And if so, what is left to do is find how to make such request?

APKs or app bundles that are not distributed to devices running Android 9 Pie or later.

Does it have to do with the target sdk in application.xml? If I remember correctly I target sdk 28. So tomorrow if I find time I will lower the sdk at 27, Recompile and upload again to see If the update will roll out.

Any comments/thoughts are welcome. I will keep you updated through this post…


not really surprised, an extension is something exceptional
eg. not everybody gonna request it, so yeah it is not automatically granted to everyone

I made an update on an AIR app on August 1st and it worked fine.

update existing app vs new app, not the same thing

i same problem.
how to do i…?

So where are we supposed to request an extension from Google? Could they not tell you in the email? Madness.

I also can’t even register with Harman. No email reply because my email thinks it’s spam.

They need a webpage and registration form, like yesterday! I need to upload a new Android app urgently.

Please note that I uploaded the apk at 25th of July, then Google approved it and went live at 27th of July. The game is not ready, needs some polishing and performance tweeks. My plan was to go live before 1st of August and polish it afterwards…

Well, tomorrow I will upload the update targeting sdk 27 instead of 28. Meanwhile I already requested from Harman the latest sdk free tier.

I will keep you updated…

Good news at last!

I logged into play console and and found out the the roll out button was no more deactivated. So without second thought I pressed it and now the update is pending! I am pretty sure that will be approved cause I only aplied some major bug fixes without altering the already approved material of the game.

But how this “miracle” happened? To be honest I am not quite sure… There are two possible explanations:

a) A few hours before i received the negative reply from support, I had sent another one email describing one more time my problem, because more than 72 hours had past already since my first email without any response. Possibly another employee, more reasonable, received my second email and resolved my problem or…

b)…maybe was my extremely negative feedback I gave when I received an email asking my feedback about Google’s technical support. In my feedback I wrote that my game is an adobe air app so it supposed to have extension until August 2020 and there was not any reference about asking any extension from Harman. I also expressed my disappointment for not including me any direction or link to provide me with some kind of form to request the extension…

I hope now that I will not face the same problems when I will try to roll out my next update…

email support

well sorry dude but that is your problem, you should be the one configuring your email client for what you consider spam or not

you can not blame harman on this one

probably communication/synchronisation problem

google is big, already having a way to contact their support is a small miracle
(eg. the default attitude from google for years has been to automate things and reduce close to zero human intervention, can be a blessing or a curse depending on your situation)

so yeah in this big machinery communication can be lost

I would say the problem can happen again, not because of negative/positive feedback etc.

just do plan in advance, contact support nicely (not their fault if something bad happen), etc.

I would summarize it like that: going with or against the flow

if you insist on going against the flow, even if your request can be justified somehow,
it will always be more complicated to obtain what you want

going with the flow, showing good will/faith, understanding etc. have better chances imho to get somewhere (eg. have an app published)

I can assure you I was civilized and polite with my feedback…

And in addition I already asked the latest non beta sdk from Harman. Until they setup their site properly so we can simply tick to accept their agreement and just download, everything goes very slow.