Google Play Console (Issue: Inaccurate Target Audience)

I Try doing Changed three times but my app rejected.


My Target Audience See Belop What I Selected.

Here is the next step.

What wrong with me?

admin edit:
do learn to pick a category for your posts

in Target age group what ages have you selected ?

I Select 13-15 ,16-17. and i don’t know why 6-8, 9-12 Option disable in my google play console?

I nver did that before so just follow what they indicate to you in the warning/error message
and/or find a blog tutorial that guide you step by step

but in short, it is about policy
eg. if you indicate this then you have to declare that, that and that

so off course if one element is missing
they will consider you are not respecting the policy and so block the app

follow the help and their guideline to be sure that everything they want is in place

I think you didn’t do Content Rating properly that is why the categories under 13 aren’t displayed for you.

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I am Indian anyone know hindi language?

You should redo the content clasification bit. you can do it as many times as needed.

hey guy’s my problem solved there are some problem in target audience and xml file.
my app successful published. but i can’t add admob add.

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