Google play extended the deadline for Air sdk 64 to August 2020

Super good news I would share you guys if you do not know it yet,
Today we got an info from google for googleplay developpers using Air SDK:
We are granted of an extension till August 2020 to switch to 64 bit version!

I guess Adobe negociated this to prevent any issues this year with the Air 33 we was supposed to use in one week.

It is only to updates, new apps have to be published until August, no?

no it is for both new apps and updated apps

full text is

Starting August 1, 2019 :

  • All new apps and app updates that include native code are required to provide 64-bit versions in addition to 32-bit versions when publishing to Google Play.
  • Extensions: Google Play will continue to accept 32-bit only updates to existing games that use the following SDKs:
    • Corona Labs SDK - until August 2020
    • Adobe Air software and the AIR SDK - until August 2020
    • Unity 5.6.7 or older - until August 2021

Starting August 1, 2021:

  • Google Play will stop serving apps without 64-bit versions on 64-bit capable devices, meaning they will no longer be available in the Play Store on those devices.
  • This will include games built with Unity 5.6.x or older.

The requirement does not apply to:

  • APKs or app bundles explicitly targeting Wear OS or Android TV, which are form factors that do not currently support 64-bit code.
  • APKs or app bundles that are not distributed to devices running Android 9 Pie or later.

We are not making changes to our policy on 32-bit support. Play will continue to deliver apps to 32-bit devices. This requirement means that apps with 32-bit native code will need to have an additional 64-bit version as well.

simply put into a one liner

“Google Play will continue to accept 32-bit only updates to existing games that use Adobe Air software and the AIR SDK, until August 2020”

see Adobe AIR got extension until August 2020

the copy of the talk with google support

franlucas12:20 PM
This email refers to new uploads, or just updates
Charlotte12:20 PM
This if for both new apps and new updates for existing apps.
franlucas12:21 PM
The extension of the time limit to August 1, 2020?
Charlotte12:24 PM
If you are using until, yes.
franlucas12:25 PM
It is very important for my development to clear up this confusion.
On August 3, 2019 I will be able to upload a new application in 32 Bits.
franlucas12:25 PM
Charlotte12:26 PM
Yes, this is the important part for you. Game apps that use Corona Labs SDK and Adobe Air software, will be granted an automatic extension until August 2020 and Game apps that use Unity 5.6.7 or older will be granted an automatic extension until August 2021 to allow proper migration time.
franlucas12:27 PM
ok thank you very much for this help
Charlotte12:28 PM
Happy to help.
Charlotte12:28 PM
Did you have any other questions regarding the Developer Console today?
franlucas12:29 PM
nothing thanks for the help

interesting part is “This if for both new apps and new updates for existing apps.”


Really a good news! Thanks!

Thank God. I was really panicking today cause I thought today was the day.

Yep definitly a good news. Well now it would be great to hear a bit about Air 33 64 bits… I have seen nothing related to a release in the upcoming days for the moment. Someone knows more?

and what about targetSdkVersion 28? Will it also be available only in Air 33 or I’m missing something?

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Do you have any news about the AIR33, the publish button on google developer console doesn’t work now?! It required the 64 version!
Please help with some updates!

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Did you tried to contact them? i guess the extended deadline is open to anyone.
Or may be it can occure when you do not open close the warning list before you roll out app

A lot of e-mails and nothing.

There is also one more problem, which we completely oversaw. Google Play requires targetSdkVersion 28 for the new apps.

When compiling with AIR32, even if I set the tag uses-sdk android:targetSdkVersion=“28”/ in application.xml, the actual targetSdkVersion of the created apk is still 27. And no new AIR games can be accepted to Google Play until we receive distributable AIR33.

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Same here, I wish there is a solution coming soon because I have a lot of new apps would like to upload

I’ve just received email with AIR33, check yours, you must’ve too

Where should I subscribe??

Write email to

:+1::+1::+1:thanks, I already did, hope my problem I can solve the apk issue with animate. All the best.