Google Play Pass and LVL 2 licensing library. Anyone has any experience?


The is a service called Google Play Pass and every application that has been selected to be published there, needs to implement a licensing library LVL 2 which can be found here.
There is only one ane build by @pol2095 I found here but it’s quite old one and for the older version of LVL.

Do you know of any other ane or how to implement the licensing library LVL 2 into AIR project?


there were the original sources from Adobe
but they would need to be updated too

this is worth an open source project on Github

personally my plates are full to do it all
but in itself is not too hard to build

My ane is inspired by the Adobe implementation, I have updated the code for the last Android versions and Android Studio

I don’t know Android LVL 2.0 ?

yeah, I’m aware that you reused sources from Adobe (and don’t give them credit by the way), make it a closed source and distribute only the compiled ANE

that’s not open source then
it’s weird to do it like that, but I’m not surprised anymore by the stupid shit people try to pull out

Adobe had just used the LVL library in the Android SDK, you can create it from the Adobe tutorial or Google sample and share it.
Your comment are very helpfull for the topic…

The link to the Adobe tutorial is broken, but see here

you can see the Adobe implementation in “<air_sdk_dir>/frameworks/projects/air/Licensing”

I compiled the ane using the Adobe implementation and using the Java code here (it’s very similary to the LVL 1.0) and it work.

@pol2095 hey, your ANE seems to work but it conflicts with your another ANE, the APK Expansion Files ANE, as well as with the distriqt’s one.

Here’s the error I get:

Any suggestions?

Thanks again

You can try to delete the class in the ane in the jar file (ARM, ARM64, x86, x64) using 7-zip for example.
I don’t know if it work ?

So I tried your idea @pol2095 and it works when tested on my device. But after uploading it to store it is rejected with this info (same info using apksigner verify command):
ERROR: assets/META-INF/AIR/extensions/ entry referenced by META-INF/MANIFEST.MF not found in the APK
ERROR: assets/META-INF/AIR/extensions/ entry referenced by META-INF/MANIFEST.MF not found in the APK

It looks like those entries are in the MANIFEST.MF file and are in the APK.

And I’m still stuck :confused:

I modify the class name, try here

We have a free version that is compatible with our Expansion Files ANE available as part of our Google Play Services extensions.

Documentation can be found here: