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maybe give a bit more context ?

Yeah sure Google is using Flash in many many of their web apps:

  • Google music
  • Google sheets (for the charts)
  • Google mail (at some time to play sounds)
  • Google Finance (for the charts)
  • Google Analytics Backend (again for the charts etc.)
  • etc.

Like many HTML5/JS dev do they use a little SWF to do stuff that
the browser does not do yet or do very bad like:

  • video player
    a long long debate but to this day I still say a flash video player
    is better than an HTMl5 video player, yep especially on youtube
  • sound player
    I say player for a reason, if you go on a podcast and want to listen to the stream
    with a flash sound player you will have a nice play/pause/stop/etc button
    with HTML5 most people just link to the file and it plays in the browser default player
    which sucks big time
  • copy/paste to/from the clipboard
  • etc.

But that’s merely product features, eg. “oh we need to use Flash for that specific feature”
now they think the browser APi can do it all and the ywant to absolutely block Flash

except people notice and complain

  • Chrome refuses to enable flash
    my guess is the “magic fix” was to add the kongregate domina to some sort of white list
  • search “flash” on Google Chrome Help Forum
    • issuu with my chrome flash plugin
    • enabling flash player
    • Need Help with Google Account and Flash Player.
    • Prompt to Run Flash No Longer Appearing
    • Adobe Flash plug-in won’t work
    • Why isn’t flash working?
    • “Unable to load plugin” - Flash
    • Enabling Adobe flash
    • etc.

If you follow some of the threads, people are pissed off and complains
oh sure it’s not a revolution, there is no petition or big movement but it still shows
that Google decision to automatically block Flash content in Chrome is not for the
benefit of the users, and users are noticing.

People really do not like the browser to make decisions for them, wether it is visiting a web site,
blocking or not blocking a plugin, etc.


This forum does a fantastic work to raise “the true” for all people…!