GoViral ANE and Android 64 bits - alternatives?

Hello all,

I have a mobile AIR app that I need to package for Android 64 bits. The app uses several ANEs from Distriqt which are 64 bits ready (thanks by the way : you guys rock !), and the GoViral ANE from MilkmanGames, which is not ready for 64 bits android.

I tried to contact MilkmanGames but all I got was an automated email saying that they would get back to me ASAP… that was a month ago.

So… anyone have any news from them ? I guess I’m not the only one who needs to have an app with twitter sharing : is there any other ANE or method to do that ?

I think Distriqt has an ANE for facebook sharing, but not twitter : if GoViral is not an option anymore, is Distriqt planning to have a twitter ANE or something ?

Any input on this would be appreciated, thanks !

No news for Milkman . I sent to them many message without answer

I’m waiting for any update…

Our generic Share ANE is normally what we direct people to use who are coming from GoViral. We normally find a general share action is more useful.

What specific Twitter functionality do you need? Happy to look into it if it’s something the community needs.

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Hi Michael, thank you for answering : much appreciated !

Can’t speak for the whole community, but what I am looking for is straightforward facebook and twitter sharing : exactly what GoViral offered through GoViral.goViral.showFacebookShareDialog() and GoViral.goViral.showTweetSheet().

Pretty much like how it works from a web page I think (personally I’m not into social sharing etc, I just make sure my customer gets what he wants but never do that myself as a user)

The important part to me is being able to have a “share on twitter” button that does just that (same with facebook or another platform).

During the development of that app I played a bit with the iOS share menu : found some old ANE with objective C code available and modified it. I was pretty proud as I kinda created my very first ANE and thought the menu was cool as it offered lots of possibilities…
Man I was so wrong ! The customer, an apple enthusiast, had never seen that share dialog and he immediately ruled it out as a possibility. That’s when I went for GoViral ^^

Maybe other people with similar needs like @portailweb could post here so we get a better idea of what is needed ?

In any case, if distriqt had such an ANE I would buy it right away :slight_smile:

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What about
var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest( “’m sharing in Twitter!”);
navigateToURL( request, “_blank” );

This worked for me.


Thanks for your reply @Airapport

Sure this works but this doesn’t feel right/professionnal on mobile : many users will have a twitter app installed and will expect sharing to happen through it. This is why I used GoViral.

In many cases, a user will not have his twitter account set on the web browser, since he uses the twitter app, and will be annoyed.

If there is no alternative I’ll have to do something like that in the end but my customer won’t be happy about it since that will be a regression compared to the iOS or android 32 bits version

On all the devices where I tested, Twitter app was launched automatically when this code was run in onClick in AIR app. Maybe I’m missing something?

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Thanks, I assumed it would be browser-only without proper testing : my bad !

Tested on my android phone and it offers me the choice between the browser and the twitter app, which I think is ok from a user point of view.

Will run some more testing but this looks like an easy solution for the twitter part. And Distriqt’s Facebook ane will handle the facebook part.

edit : doesn’t seem to work when using the web browser (I end up on my feed), but I don’t think goviral handles that either so that’s ok I think

If Twitter is a definite target you are looking for you definitely can use the url method above or if you want more control you can use the application functionality in our Share ANE to check if the app is installed and then launch it with parameters:

For iOS add the following to your info additions:


Then use something like this to check if the app is installed and launch with your post parameters:

var message:String = "..."; 

var app:Application = new Application( "", "twitter://" );

var options:ApplicationOptions = new ApplicationOptions();
// Android 
options.action = ApplicationOptions.ACTION_SEND;
options.extras.text = message;
options.type = "text/plain";
// iOS
options.parameters = "post?message="+escape(message);
if (Share.service.applications.isInstalled( app ))
	Share.service.applications.launch( app, options );

Or if you are looking to use the iOS only SocialKit sharing you can use the Social class:

if ( SocialNetwork.TWITTER ))
        new SocialPostBuilder()
            .setInitialText( "Awesome social post" )

This might be what they were doing on iOS at least?


:hammer_and_wrench: It would be good for Harman to develop and make official ANE available to developers …or at least to update Adobe’s ANE.

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