(hangs head) I'm #newhere, and I still use AS3 too


Just a quick note to say that I’m glad that I found this resource.

I could have written zwetan 's greeting post myself.

I code pure-AS3 stuff in AIR now – because the world is busily killing off the Adobe Flash side of things. (I used to enjoy being able to code large classes that would work in AIR (android, iOS, Playbook) AND in Flash!)

There’s nothing like a few


… wrappers to make that happen.

Anyway – I’ve coded large AIR apps.

I do not like MXML.

I’m heading off to check this all out.

I’m looking to see if you have an email list going, which would be great.



Hi Prep and welcome

No email list sorry, it is just what is there but …

if you go into your profile then preferences you can check
the Mailing list mode option

that said, I had setup a very basic mail system which I think is limited to few hundred per day
so if you see you’re not getting some emails, let me know and I’ll change that to something that can do more.



Thank you.

If you decide you want a flat out mailing list, let me know and I’ll set one up for you (us).

I’m glad I found you.


It’s not that I don’t want a mailing list but I do think this forum is a better setup than plain mail

if it does happen the great majority of users want to enable the option Mailing list mode
then yeah I’ll switch email solution to something that can cover for the volume

so thanks for the offer to help but my goal here is to keep using discourse not switch to listserv

but I also picked up discourse because it got this option to work as a mailing list
it just very few people (nobody?) uses it like that