From @ajwfrost

Basic site is now up and running, which people can use to download the SDK:

To be added shortly:

  • FAQ
  • Support info
  • Pricing/purchasing details

It is the bare essential but you can download AIR SDK
and see the release notes :slight_smile:


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for info, the FAQ, support, etc. sections been added to HARMAN web site

the FAQ does a good job to cover all the different basic issues

the support point to different forums
and to this github Gamua/Adobe-Runtime-Support/issues/)

As a personal comment I would say yes it does feel all over the place, but yeah it is still a transition period, hopefully it should consolidate over time

I would say, if you encounter bugs (that you are about sure come from the runtime and not your code) you should discuss it with other dev on the different forums, and yes do provide as much details and informations as you can.

If you can somewhat confirm that it is indeed a bug, then provide a small sample/demo/source to replicate the issues, explain what you expect and what happens instead, provide error logs, etc. and post an issue (or add to an already existing issues) on the Gamua/Adobe-Runtime-Support/issues/)