Harman Paid License difficulties

I went through the process on the Harman website to get a license, but at the end of it there was no process to actually pay and they said they’d send an email to describe how they would accept payment. But it’s been two weeks.

I sent an email about 6 months ago asking for a license but they responded with a difficult process so I forgot about it.

You would really think a streamlined process for this would be priority #1. I just want the friggin splash screen gone lol. Please let me give you money.

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This sounds ludicrous! I was also considering getting the license, but I saw a lot of chat on a Github thread that people were having problems, so I didn’t look into it.

Also, has there been any news about the Mac support for iOS apps? I’d like to know how a mobile app would even work on a desktop computer. It would need some extra work I’d imagine to function properly…

Andrew from Harman, any news please?

That’s strange, we bought one a few months ago and everything happened overnight…
I don’t remember how we paid though…

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Can you give a ballpark of how much your team paid for the license?


I did get this figured out, thanks!

Me too, everything goes very quick.

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The cheapest tier…
was it 99$? Can’t remember…

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long live ActionScript :rofl::rofl: