Harman Updated Pricing Strategy and Roadmap


so a bit late on that but here the document
Adobe AIR - Updated Pricing.pdf (163.8 KB)

Again to put things in perspective

  • $199 is 0.2% of $100K/year

  • $799 is 0.16% of $500K/year

  • $1199 is 0.24% of $500K/year
    $1199 is 0.12% of $1M/year

Unless you want everything for free, that’s pretty good.

If for your business you follow some principles like investing a percentage of your revenue,
or if you believe that you can not make money if you do not spend money, or simply because you want expenses that are deductible, yep those licensing prices are pretty pretty pretty good.

And also some changes in the terms, notably

  • The subscription is only required to use the tools

  • Subscriptions no longer have to be maintained for the duration of an application’s distribution

  • Subscription charges are for the use of the AIR Developer Tool when creating a redistributable application

  • Use of the AIR Developer Tool for creating AIR Native Extensions is not impacted by this update

  • this is an annual subscription

And on top of all that there is even roadmap for the short terms and the longer terms.

All that is pretty good, but no worries you will still find the same toxic people complaining about it on Adobe forums, and making ridiculous statements.


:relaxed: I’m curious to see the “splash screen”… I want to know if the AIR logo will come, the Harman, or both together… I’m even more curious to know the color and duration of this screen, before starting the application. I hope it’s fine subtle and visually pleasing not to interfere so much in the layout.


No idea, but wait and see, it might take some time though.


Great Pricing Model and a perfect Roadmap for our (Desktop) needs. I am very sure i can promise a 5 x Seats Enterprise subscription from our side to HARMAN/AIR. This really made my day!


desktop remains free
That pricing is now fair enough.
So far they listen to the community


What the hell does “per seat” pricing mean? Do we have to pay separately for every app we have? (assuming we want to keep updating them, obviously)


it means per developer seat


Thumb up! Looks better than the first shot

Suggestion for the splash screen : To make it flat. Not like the lil bit old school current logo we see on this pricing sheet. Flat white on black background would be perfect. And as Adriana was talking about , a reminder to AIR would be top :). To tell the world the Flash AS3 EOL will not arrive! XD