Harman Updated Pricing Strategy and Roadmap

Can you post the logos?

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If they really want to try the unity way…, you can see the difference:

You can not tell a company to change their logo, or the rules around their logo, because you don’t like it.

If Adobe decide that the Adobe AIR brand is that red logo over white or grey or black background, then it is like that, you can not change the logo to white, you can not use a green background, period.

Maybe you didn’t understood exactly what i meant. I don’t care which logos they use or what colors. If you can’t see the problem by looking at those 2 pictures i think you should look again.

it is a design/branding problem dude
what you prefer or like may not be what the owner of the brand decide

in the case of HARMAN they probably have to follow the directives from Adobe for using the Adobe AIR name/logo/brand, they can not do whatever they want

there is nothing new here, Adobe and any other company with strong branding identify have always enforced the use of their logo etc.

see for ex

I understand what you say but that doesn’t mean I have to agree, and also I don’t mind the use of the logos I know they have to be there. But don’t you think their size could be smaller?