How can I connect to my iphone for testing

intellij idea can run Android simulator。

I want connect to my iphone for testing,
intellij idea can not found my iphone.

I open usb debug for my iphone

not enough informations
read If you ask for help about code

and also read the archives of previous post, pretty sure your question already been answered before

airsdk MacOS Mojave 10.14.6


not enough informations
read If you ask for help about code

what Operating System version ?
what AIR SDK version ?

mac mojave 10.14.6
flashbuilder 4.7
ios 13.4.1

goole translate


Device not found - on latest SDK

@qycoder I understand that English is not your main language
but insisting on posting different threads does not help

not making any efforts does not help either


I understand you need help but stop being a jerk about it

and let’s add a bit more because you’re too lazy to indicates which AIR SDK you are using and I see in that screenshot a AIR 32

try the command line, tell us the results
$ adt -devices -platform ios
with AIR SDK 32.0
and with AIR SDK

now for ios 13.4.1, you should use AIR SDK
and so look into

#112 iOS 13 and AIR SDK finds but does not connect to the device
#283 Debugging with IntelliJ and iOS not possible with

but if you don’t make some efforts, like learning a bit more english or using google translate
and just throwing some screen captures, you’re not gonna go far

thanks, I’ll check it out.

I used two tools, two articles are suitable and detailed