How to add this Anes in my app

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I am a new programmer in the Action Script language and my experience is little. I am working on an application for children and it has educational content and I have finished it and ready to publish in stores such as Google and Apple. But while I search for the language and more, I found what are called libraries through which I can add advertisements, notices, etc. I was searching and found these free libraries and I want to add them, but my experience is little and I could not, so can anyone explain them to me because I want to publish my application to the world. I use a program Adobe Animate 2020

You can have a look over our guides as a starting point:

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I can add the library properly, but my problem is in adding the codes
I need someone to help me put the codes correctly, give me an example, or do an example and send it to us so that everyone can benefit from it.

Is there anyone who can help run this library successfully?


Unfortunately I haven’t used those ANEs so I can’t help you out with the implementation.

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Thank you for following you and for your help in answering, but do you know a specific person who helps me to use this library because I need it necessary or do you know a free library that does the same purpose?

Did you set up everything on your GooglePlay or AppStore account?

As for other ANE, please, check this thread for IAP: Which IAP ANE for Adobe Air

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Yes, I have an account on Google Play, and it has my apps as well. All I want is to put these libraries that I mentioned in the topic, but I did not find anyone using them. the library

I mean, did you set up purchases there? In Store Presence -> In-App products -> Managed products

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I think that this is easy and can be applied. My problem is how to implement the library or put it in the correct way + coding in order to work successfully. Thanks for your continued response