How to add Xcode Storyboard for iOS 13 submissions?

Ugh, I recently saw that in addition to the iOS update for 13 being required (now at least thankfully end of June 2020), we also have to use Xcode storyboards for the launch screens. I saw this thread on the Starling forum about doing it, but I wonder if it is part of the latest Harman AIR release. Anyone know about it, and what to expect?


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It’s fairly simple to add, similar to the process you have to go through for icons.

There’s a good tutorial on the process here:

As far as I’m aware Harman have no plans to add this in the near future.

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If Harman has no plans to support this feature, does this mean air captive runtimes for iOS won’t be a thing anymore?

It’s just another file you have to generate and add to your build. The captive runtime build process is unchanged.

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Look a little bit in Everything You Wanted to Know About How SWF get into an IPA for iOS

when Adobe/Harman generate an app for iOS, from SWF, assets, etc.
it is their responsibilities to compile those things, that is “supporting air captive runtime for iOS”

but in the case of “external” assets like, icons, launch screen storyboard etc.
(they are external to the project but at the same time they are embedded in the final app)
those are things imposed by the platform, in this case iOS

it’s not really that Harman supports it or not, in short they support anything that can be embedded into the final app, but then for “special file and formats” you might need to generate them yourself or use a 3rd party app or process to generate those

but if you look at it, it’s like having an app icon of 1024 x 1024 and use a graphic converter to generate another icon of 512 x 512 etc.

if ADT can supports it, even better, but in the case it is something new/recent imposed in the platform, then you will have to jump through a bit more loops to generate those

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If you use ANE Lab, it has a feature that will create the assets and storyboards for you instead of dealing with XCode. Super simple.

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