How to hurt your own platform by disabling Flash


Remember when Google decided to enable HTML5 by Default for Google Chrome ?

well … guess what ?

Chromebook users are complaining, see for example:
Websites now saying that Adobe Flash Player is not installed on computer

Tried to play music on Spotify and Deezer today. I get onto their website okay but when I want to play music the adobe flash player window pops up saying that it is not installed (see attached image).
I clicked to install it but all it says is “Your Chromebook already includes the latest Adobe® Flash® Player built-in containing all known security fixes. It will automatically update when new versions of Flash Player are available.”.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks,

oh that must be an isolated case right ?
well … let’s search “adobe flash” on the Chromebook Help pages

here the search result

so yeah it’s funny and sad

sad because of things like that

see here what’s happening ?

it is Chrome who decided to disable Flash while the plugin is supported and works perfectly well (yep even on the shitty hardware of that piece of crap you call a Chromebook)

but now the user complain that your app does not work without Flash
and blame Spotify and Flash

instead of blaming Google!

it’s not Flash who has fucked up your user experience dude, it’s the Google Chrome team

But that’s how it is nowadays, whatever / however your argument is wrong and biased, whatever private agenda you are pushing, as long as you hate on Flash you must be righteously right, if you dare to even mention that Flash works better than HTML you are a witch and need to be burned to the stake of the almighty HTML standards.

If you are still doing Flash you are basically doing witchcraft (whouhou +1 for black magic :smile:) .

This witch-hunt is really insane, but everyone find that perfectly normal.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out how ridiculous it has become:

Chromebook or how to replace your whole operating system by a browser, but huh ho let’s have Flash by default (for all those web apps that can not be done right with HTML/JS) otherwise the users will never come and never be happy playing games or listening to music, and then a couple years later, once they are stuck with their crappy laptop, let’s singlehandedly disable Flash to force all those users to use HTML5 and break their perfectly working Flash apps and ruin their user experience, and if anyone complain let’s blame it all on the plugin Flash.