How to publish an existing AIR app to iOS 13?

I’ve been tasked with publishing an existing AIR app to iOS 13 to meet the June 30 iOS 13 SDK deadline.

This AIR app is currently in the iOS app store but hasn’t been updated in 2-3 years.

I have all the source files(as3 code, apple certs, swfs, app store icons etc.).

What are the steps to publish this AIR app to iOS 13? Can I simply use the swf from 3 years ago and “compile” that to iOS 13 or do I need to regenerate the swf? Do I need to use the latest Harman AIR SDK? Do you think I will have to update any of the AS3 code so that the app works properly on iOS 13? Once I publish the app to iOS how do I test it on all versions of iOS that are still supported? How do I test it on all screen sizes?

Thank you - any tips would be appreciated.

see here

@pol2095 avoid providing only a link without context

@plzas3meal you’re coming asking a lot of “what if” while you could try and test for yourself


OK that’s your job, then do the job
catch up with latest development about the tech
read the documentations about the tech
and do your own tests

when I saw your post I almost deleted it, it looks like you’re a manager without development experience that come to a forum to ask others to do free labour

sorry but fuck that

do your own tests, and when you hit a particular problem then ask your questions
or hire developers who can do the job