How to put Android Local Notification

Hello everyone
I used to put (Android Local Notification ) in my new game, but I cannot put it because I have not tried it before nor do I know how it is made Can a member explain a video how to put it
I was reading one of the articles on the site and found that one of the members had previously requested this request and had used a free library called (freshplanet/ANE-Push-Notification)
How could I use it?
I use adobe animate2020 .
Thx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You have to follow the ANE instruction, ANE´s come with an instruction on how to implemente them into your application…if not you should contanct your ANE provider.

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Which AIR SDK are you using?
Have you already used an ANE before?

for the one you’re mentioning

the instructions on the main page should be it

but because it is open source and so free you will probably have to understand things by yourself

read the docs

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Thx for reply How do I get to ANE provider

Hello pro
i used Harmon air 33
Yes i used admob Ane in my app . i download the [freshplanet/ANE-Push-Notification]
but i cant used it and i need it I could not operate it successfully. I use adobe animate 2020 with AS3
can you help me