HTTPS Server with full SSL/TLS support - Unlocked

Reopen that thread I got some code already so that I can officially make my point.

No need to reopen anything we will continue the thread here :smiley:

So basically a basic code would be this here :

Implementing a dummy server with this to test how far it goes.

before, I said

and then yes I locked up the thread because the convo was going nowhere

so, you’re opening another thread … fine

you say

if you want …

you come up with a link pointing to some 10+ year old code

  • you did not write that code

    Copyright © 2007 Henri Torgemane

  • you did not even read the comments in that code

    This doesn’t fully implement the TLS protocol.

  • you did not update or patch or modify that code to make it work or improve it
    but someone else did

    Patched(heavily) by Bobby Parker

  • and finally you obviously do not understand what this code do
    or what this code is supposed to do

I don’t see how you are actually making a point here ?

Keep going like that I am almost at the point of testing something with that TLSEngine :smiley:

Do you want to take part into it or you want to stay in your corner?

if you say so, please do show us so Github project where you actually wrote some code yourself

are you 12yo ?
you are not very experienced writing code, am I right ?

I tell you what, point me to a Github project and I will post issues to nudge you in the right direction

I have more than 20 years experience in various IT fields. I am not a kid.
I don’t post something which is not usable at first.

if you say so

when I asked “are you 12yo ?” I was answering to the part
“Do you want to take part into it or you want to stay in your corner?”

I think it was clear from the quoting that I was answering to that

the “truth or dare” are often practiced by kids or at least immature people

so instead of this BS what don’t you simply create your Github project and start to share code and show what you’re doing?

I mean, it takes 5 minutes, should be super easy for someone who claims having “20 years experience in various IT fields”

so what’s the hold up ?

Ok the work started there

The project is depending on as3crypto :

I tried to access the server with Chrome since the implementation of as3crypto is 1.0 partially the encryption/decryption fail at line:

So we need to find a way to upgrade the TLSEngine so that it goes beyond TLS 1.0 and not partial.

Instead of setting the thread as other stuff it would be more appropriate to set Networking instead.

So let me see…

wow what a marvel of engineering you forked another github repo
and now you’re stuck on a throw new TLSError

indeed, a throw generate an error and a stack trace too (duh!)

no, you mean “you”

that’s your project right?
you are the one who insisted on doing it like that and no other ways right?

then the responsibility to implement it fall on you


In fact, let be very clear: you are full of shit and you can fuck off

How stupid do you think other people are?

Let go into the cruft of the details

so @duanga.yanga is associated to the github user an-noor
the one who forked an-noor/airhttp from leopoldodonnell/airhttp
(also did not write a single line of code)

thing is
the github user an-noor is associated to that other github user al-sabr

proof here

and the github user al-sabr is associated to the github user gdeverlant (which does not exists anymore)
that’s because gdeverlant renamed his github username to al-sabr

proof here
Settings UI not display instead HTML source code

and here

Windows compatible?

and here

Adding REST API consumable as an independent app.

and this github user gdeverlant (aka al-sabr) is associated to the banned user @gdeverlant


which has been updated to banned forever …

and so @gdeverlant aka @duanga.yanga is the same user who wasted my time to no extend with Hook CppMicroService into Redtamarin

that was July 2019, and I never saw a single line of code from him to this day,
and shocking prediction, I will probably never see a line of code written by him ever

so yeah @duanga.yanga you can change username, use anonymizing services etc.
but ultimately trolls like you leave traces

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You want to expose who? Yourself, then well done. Insulting people is not going to make this code work.

If you don’t want to contribute for an AS3 solution that’s perfectly fine. By exposing me you exposed your true identity this is how this Universe is working.

I am not going to give you more food so that you can fill your ego.
I decided that I want to change the way I interact with people your kind(my kind).

What do you bring on the table now?

you’re not people, you are a troll
I don’t have to stay polite with you

you are not here to talk, share or write AS3 code
you’re still trying to pull the “truth or dare” thing

apparently you want me to write code for you
and you can fuck off because I don’t owe you shit

oh really?

do you see me using countless of different usernames to deceive people?
I don’t even use a nickname, I use my real first name and since the 90’s

contrary to you when I say something it is directly attached to my true identity

it is not about ego, it is about being genuine

look around you on this forum
everyone else is here either asking for help or trying to help someone else

that’s the whole purpose of a forum: gathering around a common subject
and helping each other, share stuff like code, knowledge, experience, etc.

but you on the other end you’re not here to do that
apparently your plan is to start threads to waste other people time

You know you really need some help.
A regular psychiatrist couldn’t even help you.

You need to go to like Vienna or something.

You know what I mean?
You need to get involved at the University level.
Like where Freud studied and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you.

That’s the kind of help you need.
Not the once a week for eighty bucks.


You need a team.

A team of psychiatrists working round the clock thinking about you, having conferences, observing you, like the way they did with the Elephant Man.

That’s what I’m talking about because that’s the only way you’re going to get better.

I don’t have to bring anything because I don’t have to justify myself to you.

I don’t owe you shit. No one here owe you shit.

You are a troll, the scum of earth, you’re been caught red handed
and you dare coming back asking for people to “contribute” ?

Fuck you.

Contributing is about building something, not destroying.

I’m not sure why you’re here but it is certainly not about writing code to solve a problem.

All the things you suggest that I need it seems that you also need them.
I am not going to use any low level language to fuel your ego.
As I said when you get down from your anger cloud we can collaborate.

May be peace upon you lonely me.

you keep continuing this thread and it is all fluff, all pure waste of time.

you try to make this as if I had a problem but I have none

I call your bullshit because you are a troll, that’s it, it’s done, proven, nothing to add.

you’ve been caught
you can’t make demands or suggestions
it is over

you can not turn this thing around and play the victim now and go on some imaginary high grounds

never gonna happen

Well you won’t benefit from it then.